Go beyond the boundaries of your academic curriculum, and give an outlet to your creative thoughts. Experience and enlighten yourself with myriad ideas and opinions, with Project PURE.

Project pure is a platform for all Christes to showcase their abilities in the field of their expertise or interest. Developed by CAPS, it is a forum for faculty as well as students to bring out their creativity and talents and in the process help one another by sharing information and knowledge. Project Pure gives you a chance to discover your amazing self and shine bright by giving an opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of the regular curriculum. Creativity and art are purest form of self expression. It gives Christites a base to openly express and speak their minds, hearts and souls. Talent shouldn't be hidden or neglected. So, if you have not yet gotten a chance to show it to the world.. Here is your chance to be acknowledged for who you are. Don't let this opportunity pass by. Contribute today.


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Image by Robert Keane
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PURE Podcast

A platform to speak your mind and having your voice heard, your ideas exhibited and your heart poured out.