Writing as a Career

Image by Aaron Burden

Day 1

Details of the course

  • Understanding writing as a generic concept

  • Honing writing skills from high school education to university publications

  • The Progress from Blogging to Freelancing

  • Academic Writing: Opportunities and Limitations

Day 2

Details of the course

  • Process for Academic Publishing

  • Progress from Basic to High – End publishing

  • Choosing your publication based on your area of interest

  • The big question – College publication or print publication?

Day 3

Details of the course

  • What is Deep Editing

  • Organization of your write up

  • Refining your writing through the stages of editing

  • Content editing as the first step of Deep Editing

  • Structure Editing

  • Relooking at your piece: Style Edit

  • Final Stage of Editing: Presentation Editing

Day 4

Details of the course

  • Understanding Publishing

  • What is the difference between academic and op-ed publishing?

  • The role of insights in the publication process

  • Choosing the right platform for publishing

  • Marking your social presence

Day 5

Details of the course

  • Understanding the role of Keywords

  • Examination of websites – Topics covered, Regions covered, Author Guidelines


  • Predatory Publications: The Cons

  • What are the common features of Predatory Publications?

  • Open and Close Access Journals

Day 6

Details of the course

  • Understanding the growing prominence of Transport Policy as a domain of research and publication